Multi-dimensional joblessness

Finally, I find time to write a real post – not a recycled one. The title of this post itself has to do with my finding time to write it… admittedly confusing… That is, it’s P5 and suddenly there’s this time vacuum created by the lack of at least two courses. Given that I was jobless i.e. without a job offer entering P5, and still am, I therefore find myself multi-dimensionally jobless!

I already dwelt upon on the time dimension, so let me move on to the other dimension. Why am I still without a job? A multitude of reasons. Consultants thought I don’t think outside the box or my experience is uni-dimensional… Google thought I have no clue how they make money (duh! the whole world knows that!)… Actually, having seen the chaotic innards of the company through the recruitment process, I actually don’t know how they manage to make money! Anyways, largely, companies were very impressed with my foreground and background, and they just didn’t think they were good enough for me. Others have selective amnesia and have forgotten to respond either temporarily or, as I will figure out ex-post, permanently. Btw, one of these days I want to write about the two words/phrases that I believe can singlehandedly justify the 43.5k I spent on the MBA: ex-ante and ex-post.


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