A brilliant idea for a new business when I return back to India: Effigies. Imagine this. You just found out Bhajji was called an obnoxious weed by Hayden on Brisbane radio. You can’t pay for a trip to the loo let alone Brisbane but have this undying urge to express your indignation against Hayden, Cricket Australia, Australians, poor kangaroos and while you are at it, even the Kiwis.

Just log on to www.feg.co.in, pick a celebrity (default would be just some random cousin of that guy Wilson in Castaway), size, stuffing options and voila… an effigy will be mailed to a matchstick near you. We will even tell you when it will arrive so you can ensure your friends or thinkalikes can join you in your effigy orgy.

How big is this market, you ask? Just watch NDTV 24×7 for just 1×1 and you can easily imagine even an 80 year old in the middle of Charanpur with a burning desire to burn one. I don’t need market research, just watch some TV and stock up because the window of opportunity for an effigy is as narrow as the minds of my future customers!


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