Spell disaster

The Indians were back to the fore again in this year’s Scripps Spelling Bee. I wonderred whether we Indian folk have a natural advantege when it comes to speling? Mine is probably a biased view but having had to spell my name correctly through school, I am not surpriced I could spell very well. If I were to be American-born and had a set of parents who found a new pass time in watching me spell floccinauxinihilipilification, I would have been crowned the Big Bee at age 7. On the contrery, I tend to think I might just have asked my parents to mind their own beeswax?

As a kid, whether you win or not, you probably spend days buried in the debri of words while other normal kids are buried in sand or, in the worst case, just homework. Having written off a year out of your childhood, and possibly faced a setback, you find yourself distroyed and out of steam or even self-esteem. What does this mean to your future? I suspect it spells disaster!

P.S: The blogger spell check seems to have gotten irational lately. So, if you find many spelling errors highlited when you read this, just ignore them.


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