Spare some change

Obama seems to have become of the e-successes a la Amazon. He asked millions of young and old, white and black, god-fearing and blasphemic, straight and not-so-straight voters to spare some change in the name of change and he got nearly $260m so far, dwarfing the paltry $90m in public campaign financing. Most of this coming by way of the internet.

The election now boils down to answering the question: do you believe in the change Obama can bring in or do you believe the leader in McCain.

So far, Obama has clearly embodied the change that he constantly preaches about (now that’s something he did learn from his pastor). He changed his mind from endorsing Jeremiah Wright to disowning him. He changed his mind from using public campaign financing to using his own $260m war chest. Will he change colors (I am obviously not hinting that he will do an MJ) like Bush the lesser did?

McCain is certainly a good leader for a midget army, an aging army, I must add. But can he prove that he is really different from his predecessor without starting to sound like a Democrat?

Change we have to wait for…


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