If Nestle were to make planes…

Qantas would be first in line for Nestle’s “The Plane with the Hole”. For the ad-challenged, here’s the original (http://www.nestle.co.uk/OurBrands/AboutOurBrands/ConfectioneryAndCakes/Sugar+Confectionery.htm).

This triggered a hunt for more such cross-pollination in business. I will ignore the old ones such as Microsoft making cars or GM building software. How about:

1. If IKEA were to make coffee, you would have to make your own decaf, skinny mocha with cream at home reading the manual!
2. If Kelloggs were to make movies, we would have an overdose of ‘cereal’ killer thrillers!
3. If Gillette were to make mobile phones, we would have to replace SIM cards every few weeks!
4. If Motorola made razors… Duh, it does!

Anyways, if you have more such examples, add them to the list…


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