Posted in November 2008

Unity in diversity, the Mikaeel Jackson way

Some of the cornerstones that define us (though we can surely live without some of them) are caste, color, creed and gender. Most of us, even the adventurous amongst us, never outlive any of these dimensions in a lifetime.¬† Barring an aberration.¬†Jacko, the whacko, is almost doggedly defying many of these conventions. Starting as a … Continue reading

Tidying up National Rail

This past weekend, I was on the National Rail when I happen to notice a message that said “Please help us keep this train tidy”. As if the exorbitant price I paid for the trip wasn’t enough, I was being asked to clean up the trains too! What we probably need is a tidying up … Continue reading

Obama for President

With just about three days to go before a historic election, I felt I had to publicly declare my endorsement. So, here I go – I vote for Mr. Obama as the next President of the United States. He isn’t an obvious choice given his economic conservatism and a relatively thin resume. However, what US … Continue reading