Unity in diversity, the Mikaeel Jackson way

Some of the cornerstones that define us (though we can surely live without some of them) are caste, color, creed and gender. Most of us, even the adventurous amongst us, never outlive any of these dimensions in a lifetime. 

Barring an aberration. Jacko, the whacko, is almost doggedly defying many of these conventions. Starting as a black, Christian, Male, he has transcended into a white, Muslim, effeminate creature in less than 30 years!

The motivation for such repeated rediscoveries is beyond comprehension; but, there are some brighter aspects to it. He would be an interviewer’s delight – you can never be charged of discrimination. He could also be a great pick for a country’s national emblem or mascot – he after all epitomises unity in diversity!

2 thoughts on “Unity in diversity, the Mikaeel Jackson way

  1. Lets hope that Jacky doesnt get confused with white and black at the next zebra crossing and die in an accident. (Courtesy Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy)

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