A rare moment of hope

I had the BBC running in the background today while I was working on something else and I happened to feebly hear the only encouraging news I’ve heard in a long time – “After being severely impacted, we are now seeing signs of a recovery…”. For a second, I thought (or wanted to hear) that someone has predicted or noticed signs of recovery in the economy. Not a snowball’s chance! It’s not the economy, stupid! She was only referring to how UK is slowly recovering from the blanket of snow.

If only recession were like snow, just wait for a few days and it just melts way… of course, as long as it stops snowing soon enough, just as we expect the economy to not shrink two quarters in a row… This has to be more than just coincidence – UK can’t possibly be hit by one of the worst snow showers and recession in the same year. You can blame the former on global warming; what about the latter… global greed?

One thought on “A rare moment of hope

  1. I might have found a connection. Since Santa didnt give us enough gifts because of recession, he is making Christmas stay around a little longer. After all, snow has been a great excuse for most people to skip work. What better gift do you want from Santa? An unscheduled bank holiday 🙂

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