Pedestrian, my dear Watson

Almost all of our travels have included some mess up, so much so that we have even started predicting what could go wrong in our upcoming trip to Greece! It started off with our very first trip together – to Mauritius – where I was nearly stopped from even boarding the outbound flight for not having gotten the permission to emigrate from India! With a billion in India, I would happily let people emigrate! But that’s for another day and another post… 

Fast forwarding to our recent trip to Nice, we had rented a car for driving along the riviera guided by Amy, our GPS! The first day we had a horrendous time with Amy who repeatedly seemed to suggest improbable routes, every now and then required us to turn back (not even a U-turn, just turn around Bond-style), and best of all, suggested cutting short roundabouts by even going clockwise!

It was not until the night when we realised we had set Amy on ‘Pedestrian’ mode during one of our London strolls and never changed to reflect our current mode of gas-driven transport! Saner times returned and Amy didn’t have to fend off any more verbal abuse from me. Not before Sunitha could quip “Pedestrian, my dear Watson!”.

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