A 7 month old sloth

I wish I could say I took a sabbatical from blogging to explain away the hiatus. But, the harsh truth (harsh may be redundant for those who believe truth is always harsh) is that I’ve been a sloth, almost 7 months old now! Meanwhile, world has moved on churning out event after another.

The UK election drama that was expected to condemn Labour to the third spot eventually led to a ConDem coalition. Kim Jong was rumoured to be Il while he was just getting Un ready for primetime. Obama extracted his medicare bill through the bowels of the Congress using emergency colonoscopy, which amounts to his sole victory to date while many of his supporters are still saying “Yes, We Can” – move on from the audacity of his hope to some Palin dope, that is.

Allahabad High Court produced a brutally long judgement that seemed more like wishful interpretation of law, not the other way around. Everyone and his paternal grandfather has released autobiographies. Blair, Mandelson, what next – the 33 miners who rediscovered light in Capiapo? Bin Laden?

The usual Indian song and dance barely saved the day at the XIX CommonWealth Games. And, finally, on the personal front, a 6 week old squirming by my side past midnight as I am typing this out.

7 months of blog-worthy events have just passed by. Time to make amends and to promise myself to put thought to paper (cloud, to be more precise) more often.


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