Who’s more accurate – the drones in the sky or the ones on the ground?

I would have thought it is quite difficult to identify, target and kill terrorists in the hinterlands of Pakistan. However, it is surprising this is occurring on a daily basis of late with increasing accuracy. This is not just about killing some guy who looked suspicious or had tattoed “Death to America” on his bald head or had the same number of wives as Bin Laden. It is about targeting a named terrorist.

But, if you thought this was admirable enough, there’s something even more incredible. Pakistani authorities take less than an hour to confirm who was killed and where. How could that be possible if they didn’t know the terrorists’ whereabouts beforehand? I imagine there is a map (probably superimposed on Google Maps) somewhere with the ISI that pins down all the names and locations of key terrorists. The moment US reports a drone attack and publishes its coordinates, one of those names probably light up and even prints out a message for the administration to read out to the press.

Makes you wonder who is more accurate – the drones in the sky or the drones (i.e the parasites who live off of American aid) on the ground?


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