Hot air

You don’t have to be an environmental enthusiast to be bombarded by messages about plugging the TV off or walking if you can avoid driving etc. Consumerism it seems is the bane of our existence on this planet. Yet no attention is being paid to all the natural gas that is being burned whenever we “Like” something on Facebook.

Yes, all our social escapades online need those humongous data centres humming in some part of the world. What keeps them humming is carbon in some shape or form. Should we then consciously keep our social updates to a minimum? You could argue that it is environmentally frugal to update everyone on Facebook than frying copper all over the world to work them phones. But what about the very many inconsequential status updates, comments, pins, posts (such as this one!) and, let’s not forget, tweets? Surely many of them wouldn’t have happened a few years ago when we were seemingly less social, at least online. Should we curb our enthusiasm in sharing every second of our lives to add a few seconds to our planet’s finite life? Should we bottle our hot air to save a few ounces of the greenhouse gases “poking” that revered ozone layer?

Appreciate your comments or tweets obviously…


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