Posted in March 2013

Existential question

A vacation is a good time to ponder and this one in Canary Islands (a Spanish territory that’s nearly Moroccan, although only by geographic proximity) is no different. The difference however is that this time what spurred my thinking was the location itself. I always had this assumption in my mind that developed economies are … Continue reading

Convention says…

Convention says “If ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Stretching this a bit further and applying it to conventions themselves, convention says if there’s a convention, just follow it! That’s nicely convenient. Problem is, any breakthrough mankind has ever achieved has only been possible by breaking away from conventions. If conventions were that sacred, we will … Continue reading

Darwin, are you listening?

I recently watched this video on TED about how a fly, well uh , flies. Here’s the video link: Michael Dickinson: How a fly flies Michael makes a valid point that using fruit flies as a model for humans is so mis-matched given how they produce such awe inspiring flight with a brain no bigger … Continue reading