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Freeriding as a national passtime

I have wondered how countries like India, where the average person on the street is smart, if not streetsmart, still fail to do the basics right let alone reel in major innovations. Even a school dropout working in a kirana store knows how to compute the balance instantly for a total of Rs. 243 if … Continue reading

My first poem

Is this my first poem? What took me so long? Why did I not write’em? There is something wrong. I remember it’s the beginning  That’s harder than the end  It’s all the thinking That gets me weakened  I must now not forget I just have to start I can’t later regret I have to master … Continue reading


Much has been said about emotional “quotient”, so I thought I will talk about the “remainder” – empathy. Over the past couple of years, if there is one skill I have had to nurture, it is empathy. I have been asked many times over the past few months how I feel about working for large … Continue reading

Virtual Reality for real

Could Mark Zuckerberg see something we couldn’t when he bought Oculus? Probably. But, more interestingly, what did the pitch from the co-founders Palmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe look like? Slides? Don’t think so. How about just hand Mark one of these baddy goggles and have him watch a movie about the future where a few … Continue reading

Professional trilogy

On a recent vacation, a friend and I arrived at a formula for selecting one’s job or profession. It’s a function of three key drivers: Desire / Passion: This is about never settling until you find what you really want to do for the rest of your life – the sort of stuff from Steve … Continue reading

Brain elasticity

I had blogged about inter-disciplinary work in an earlier post comparing Steve Jobs and Michael Jackson. I’m convinced now more than ever. So much that I wish I could go back in time and redo my undergrad in a multi-disciplinary setting. Here’s why. Our brains inherently like contradictions that steer it in different directions. There’s … Continue reading

Documentation hazard

In the past few years of my working life, I have struggled to understand why we generate so many documents of various sizes and purposes of which only a small fraction ever gets consumed. As humans we probably have this undying urge to express ourselves in more words than necessary (note to self, keep this … Continue reading

Peaceful coexistence of religion and corruption

The fact that India is one of the most corrupt nations, specially among the larger ones, is no secret even before the recent events. An average Indian appears genetically corrupt. But then an average Indian is also religious. What has always amazed me is how such religious fervor can so easily coexist with corruption. If … Continue reading