Hot air

You don’t have to be an environmental enthusiast to be bombarded by messages about plugging the TV off or walking if you can avoid driving etc. Consumerism it seems is the bane of our existence on this planet. Yet no attention is being paid to all the natural gas that is being burned whenever we … Continue reading

Throwing bricks on the mortar

I was recently discussing with some friends the impact of online shopping on brick and mortar retailers. It was in fact a week before it became apparent that it could be game over for GAME, the brick and mortar game retailer. I contended that after CDs / DVDs and books, it ought to be electronics. … Continue reading

The Jobs, Jackson parallel

Much has been written about Steve Jobs already after his untimely death. Another celebrity who has been posthumously in the news is Michael Jackson, due to the Dr. Conrad Murray trial. I was recently watching the taped recordings of his final days showing his preparation for the “This is it” tour where his music director … Continue reading

Documentation hazard

In the past few years of my working life, I have struggled to understand why we generate so many documents of various sizes and purposes of which only a small fraction ever gets consumed. As humans we probably have this undying urge to express ourselves in more words than necessary (note to self, keep this … Continue reading

Peaceful coexistence of religion and corruption

The fact that India is one of the most corrupt nations, specially among the larger ones, is no secret even before the recent events. An average Indian appears genetically corrupt. But then an average Indian is also religious. What has always amazed me is how such religious fervor can so easily coexist with corruption. If … Continue reading

A 7 month old sloth

I wish I could say I took a sabbatical from blogging to explain away the hiatus. But, the harsh truth (harsh may be redundant for those who believe truth is always harsh) is that I’ve been a sloth, almost 7 months old now! Meanwhile, world has moved on churning out event after another. The UK … Continue reading

When you don’t need a thousand words…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But, what if you don’t need a thousand words? To take a specific example (obviously, this blog was motivated by this very example!), every so often you find restaurants or bars separating restrooms for men vs. women with creative props or pictures that no doubt make … Continue reading

Twitter about a blog about a tweet about a…

I recently added a few fervent twitterers on LinkedIn, so much so that my first page is predictably filled with their recent updates on Twitter. It’s quite amazing how self-engrossed some folks can get – were they like this even before Twitter came along or has Twitter pushed this nascent narcissism to the fore? There’s … Continue reading