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Convention says…

Convention says “If ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Stretching this a bit further and applying it to conventions themselves, convention says if there’s a convention, just follow it! That’s nicely convenient. Problem is, any breakthrough mankind has ever achieved has only been possible by breaking away from conventions. If conventions were that sacred, we will … Continue reading

Throwing bricks on the mortar

I was recently discussing with some friends the impact of online shopping on brick and mortar retailers. It was in fact a week before it became apparent that it could be game over for GAME, the brick and mortar game retailer. I contended that after CDs / DVDs and books, it ought to be electronics. … Continue reading

Documentation hazard

In the past few years of my working life, I have struggled to understand why we generate so many documents of various sizes and purposes of which only a small fraction ever gets consumed. As humans we probably have this undying urge to express ourselves in more words than necessary (note to self, keep this … Continue reading

Twitter about a blog about a tweet about a…

I recently added a few fervent twitterers on LinkedIn, so much so that my first page is predictably filled with their recent updates on Twitter. It’s quite amazing how self-engrossed some folks can get – were they like this even before Twitter came along or has Twitter pushed this nascent narcissism to the fore? There’s … Continue reading